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Below is some of what I have learned from my Neo Geo CDZ system and playing back-ups. The NG CD/Z in-game protection is usually the same but the CDZ protection is VERY simple. This below is 1 game for an example:


The King of Fighters '97 CD protection info:

Comparing: E:PG01.PRG (Back-up that works on system CDZ) To: F:PG01.PRG (Origonal)



472 - Working Copy QÈÿÞNuNu 472 - Non Working Copy QÈÿÞNu 9

Which simply means the origonal cd code was QÈÿÞNu 9 (aka QÈÿÞNu.9) in the PG01.PRG found at Hex: 0000bfb0h: FF DE 4E 75 10 39 00 10 etc...etc... That code tells the NeoGeo CD/CDZ to check to see if its a back-up or an origonal. The Code it looks for is on the very outer edge of the cd like PSX games and can Never be copied! If you change the code in the PG01.PRG from QÈÿÞNu 9 to QÈÿÞNuNu it disables the check and continues to load the game! Simply Change the 10 39 to 4E 75 so that way the Hex is as follows: 0000bfb0h: FF DE 4E 75 4E 75 00 10 etc...etc...

Easy way to find out if the game has In-Game Protection is to look in the IPL.TXT file on the NGCD. That file tells you in what order the system loads up the files. the first PRG file you see in there is the Winner!! Look through the xxxx.PRG file with Hex Editor and scroll down slowly and look for the code, usually has some space and english saying WARNING ( ID = 0003 ) , COPY ILLEGAL....etc etc...

Make your Bin-Cue of your game, open the Bin-Cue with CD Mage and Extract the CPY.TXT and the XXXX.PRG file that has the protection to your HD.

Check BELOW to see if your CPY.TXT file has CDZ protection, If it does, fix it and Import it back into the Bin-Cue file with CD Mage.

That is the way to patch the game so it plays with no In-Game Protection!! Have fun....



Now for what I found out about the CDZ protection:

The CDZ protection is indeed in the CPY.TXT file!! After you make the Bin/Cue of the game (Again Im using KOF '97 as an example) open the CPY.TXT file and it should look like this:

Copyright by SNK corporation ºNEO-GEO B€BJ¹ ÷‚g Á J¹ ÷~g Á ²:ÿàg R€Nu

Now change the TXT file to look like this:

Copyright by SNK corporation ºNEO-GEO B€BJ¹ ÷‚f Á J¹ ÷~f Á ²:ÿàg R€Nu

Not much difference but the two (2) f's put in there in place of the g's tell the system to skip the code check so it keeps loading, Backup or not.

If the CPY.TXT file looks like this:

Copyright by SNK corporation

Then it has NO CDZ protection!! Yeah!!

This Entire Analysis and Tutorial was totally written by FAKK2...NeoCD Master LOL!

Oh and if you want pure Bin/Cue images of All my cracked Neo-Geo CD games that play PERFECT on ALL NeoCD (Z) Systems, Check my site very often for when I do put them up they wont be there for a month or anytime like that,... 1 week MAX each title!! I have allmost all of them ready to go, just a few more to check (I play them to the very end just to make sure!!) Unlike OTHER Release groups!! Ofcourse unless its a Japanese Mah-Jong Game, Ill just check out the PRG file for In-Game Code....witch is just as good!

See ya soon my Neo Geo CD Fans!!

-Fakk2 "Nothing I could do...He was allready dead...His brain just hadn't cought on to the fact!" - Johns - Pitch Black

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