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- Presupuesto 2 x 30 / x 50 - Material : Camara / Microfono / MiniDV - Fechas

Step 1

-People, places and events presented are real. -Events are filmed as they happen and are not staged for the camera. -Events should take place in the order in which they actually happened in real life. -The record presented by the film is consistent with available historical evidence. -Filmmakers opinions and personal feelings should not be expressed. This is one approach to shooting a documentary film. Watch this directing tutorial to learn a few tips on editing and shooting your next documentary.

Step 2

Objetivos a quien a donde ?

As students plan their documentary, the following questions may help: · What message do you want your documentary film to convey? · What images will you use to convey the message? In what sequence? · Will you use a narrator? Will you use human actors and dialogue? · From what perspective will the audience view the images? · How will you create rising tension? What kind of resolution will the film have: a decision, a new understanding, a conflict settled? · What sounds will you use? What mood will the sounds evoke? How will the sound contribute to the overall impact? · How will the combined elements serve the purpose you want to achieve? How will you get across your specific message to the intended audience?

Planos + Camaras

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